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Mar 15

How to add Attributes to items

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How to add Attributes to items

Note 1: You will be using this mostly to add different colors and sizes users may be able to purchase your piece in.

Note 2: You must add a Variable Product to allow users to select which size or color they would like to purchase.

Note 3:  Bogosplit has default attributes you can use such as color and size. Vendors can edit these attributes for their pieces.

1- Go to your vendor Dashboard.

2- Go to Products.

3- If adding a new product click on the Add Product button. If editing an existing product hover over the product and click Edit.

4- Scroll down the product page and select “Variable Product” as the Product Type.

5- Click on Attributes.


6- Select the attribute you would like to add to the product such as Color or Size. In this example we will be adding the Color attribute to the product.

7- Make sure the “Used for variations” box is checked on.


8- Click on the white box underneath Value(s) to see the default options the attribute offers or type a value in such as “blue” to see if it’s an option. In this example the values would be the name of different colors.

9- If the value for the attribute that you want is there just select it and save changes. You are able to add more than 1 value to the selected attribute.

10- If the value you are looking for is not there you can add it by clicking the Add New button.

11- Bogosplit will prompt you to “Enter a name for the new attribute term:”. After you enter the new attribute term click OK and it will appear in the Value(s) box.

12- Click the Variations tab then go to the “Select action” dropdown menu and select “Create variations from all attributes” and click Go.

13- You will see a message asking if you want to link all variations, click OK.

14- Bogosplit will notify you on how many variations have been added depending on how many values you added in the Attributes section. Click OK

15- Click on the space next to the value that you entered and you will see options to add more details. The only detail you HAVE to add is the “Regular Price”. Note: You must add the “Regular price” for each individual value that you added. For example, if you are selling a piece that comes in different colors you would add those colors in the Attributes section and after the Variations are created you would follow this step for each color.

16- Click SAVE and you are done. Users will now be able to select from the Attributes that you added for your pieces.


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