About Us

Promote your

brand and grow.

Bogosplit is a website/App social marketplace created to
help independent fashion vendors, artist, and boutiques

About Bogosplit

Our platform is designed to help small fashion businesses and brands grow by helping with promotion and offering free solutions to many problems faced by small business owners in the fashion industry.

Bogosplit provides a platform where users can interact, share and sell, all while creating a community of support and possible buyers to help fashion/beauty businesses increase revenue.

Bogosplit promotes the seller as well as their items, giving businesses especially startups or small beauty/fashion businesses more of a chance to grow their brand and increase profits.

How do we help independent vendors

1 Increase Sales

We give independent vendors a free online marketplace to sell their products

2 Increase Profit Through Partnerships

We partner with boutiques and store owners who are willing to participate in collaborating by providing a storefront for independent vendors to sell their products and pop-up shops.

3 Networking Made Easy

We have influencers, promoters and artists that participate in collaborating with and helping with promotion for independent vendors 

How do we help boutiques

1 Monetize Your Storefront

We help boutiques monetize their storefronts by helping with collaborations and free promotions  

2 Build A Community & Increase Sales

We help boutiques grow their online presence and grow their community of supporters by providing them with a free platform to interact with potential buyers through our online social marketplace.

3 Increase Profit Through Partnerships

We partner with artists, promoters, and influencers to increase foot traffic for boutique owners by collaborating for promotional and special events  

User Roles


Once you are signed up for the BogoSplit site you are automatically considered a shopper. You can support vendors and other users that are posting on the Bogosplit site.  


As a vendor, you are able to post your merchandise/products and sell/interact with potential buyers on the Bogosplit site. Vendors have access to a large community of individuals and are able to post/market their products. 


As a boutique, you are able to post your merchandise, in store events and sell and interact with potential buyers. Boutiques have access to a large community of individuals and have different ways of increasing revenue through partnerships with influencers, artist etc. As a Boutique you are able to grow online sales and monetize your storefront through these collaborations.


Promoters are able to post links, videos and tickets on the Bogosplit website for their upcoming fashion events. As a promoter being able to have access to a site with a large community of individuals who have a love for fashion; it’s an easy way to promote their fashion events and ensure tickets sells. Bogosplit is the first fashion marketplace that allows promoters to sell tickets and promote upcoming fashion events.

Content Creators

Content creators are individuals who assists with creating content for others. Individuals considered under content creator include photographers, graphic designers, videographers, website designers, artists etc. As a content creator on the Bogosplit site you will have access to vendors and individuals looking for a creative partnership in order to enhance their feeds/profiles to attract more possible buyers. 


Influencers have a great amount of influence in the social media world. As an influencer you can promote items and grow you community of followers by sharing latest fashion tips and purchases. Vendors will have access to influencers to help them with promotion. As an influencer you will have the opportunity to create partnerships with different vendors and earn on promotions.

Your profile features

The difference between Bogosplit and other marketplaces is that on your Bogosplit profile you will be able to do more than just sell items. You are able to post photos, videos, post statuses, promote your events and interact with others.

Vendor / Boutique / Promoter

Bogosplit provides vendors with a niche market by only catering to everything fashion. Vendors are able to build their followers and create their own community of supporters within the Bogosplit app by interacting with their buyers/other users.