Showroom Submissions


We are so excited to announce
the Bogosplit showroom pop up.

The goal of our showroom is to create a space where
locals can learn about Boston talents.

Our showroom will be filled with items designed/made by Local designers and artists.

Customers will be able to shop you items directly from your site or the Bogosplit site.

Each designer will be provided with a sample rack where customers will have the chance to feel the material and look at the item in person.

Each rack will have the designers QR code to allow the customers to check out virtually.

Theres more… if you’re a local artist or designer and you would like to rent out the entire space for a day/week or weekend, please message us.

All designers who participate in our showroom will be featured on our podcast.

Designers - clothes rack - half rack

$400/2 months
$600/3 months
(4 racks – 2 designers/rack)

Qr code wall display

Display qr code leading to your site and a short bio of you/your brand
$300/3 months

Dressed Mannequin - with QR code/bio (2 photos)


(Unlimited) Tv ad