Become A Vendor

We are for fashion what SoundCloud is for music

A platform that supports and promotes independent artists.

YouTube's Fashion Marketplace

Let us help you expand your reach and profit cap by promoting your merch to more than just your audience. Being part of the first YouTube fashion marketplace will help your fashion brand be seen by more buyers and give you more sales.

As a bonus, you can even link some of your videos directly from YouTube. We encourage it, as it is a great way to give the buyer an idea on who they are supporting. Our hope is for you to be able to convert buyers into new subscribers.

Support vendors in this platform and other YouTubers like yourself by inviting your fans.


Free Marketing

In theory paying for ads to promote your brand or website on social media should bring you instant success, however that does not always work. The time and the cost of creating ads and publishing them will add up…  most of the time with no good result.

Our solution to cut your cost and time it takes to promote your business is an absolutely free fashion platform guaranteeing you an audience interested in fashion. It’s simple if you’re in the fashion business you want to be promoting to a fashion audience. With free marketing, Bogosplit is a no brainer!

Events, Email Lists & App Notification

As a vendor you will be able to further monetize your brand by having the ability to add events and sell tickets. Having a physical presence with your audience is recommended. This could be done by hosting meet and greets or fashion shows.

Our users will receive notifications of your business’s new merchs, sales, events, and updates by signing up to the Bogosplit’s newsletter and from our app.


YouTube 's Fashion Community

Bogosplit is set up in a way for you to take advantage of all the YouTube fan interest. Our marketplace will allow you to network with other independent brands and influencers that will help you expand your growing business. Become part of our culture, whether you are an influencer, photographer, YouTuber or simply have a passion for fashion. Promote others, as they will promote you.

Your business deserves growth

Let us help you.