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    2 months, 1 week ago

    Calling All of Fashion Lovers!

    @ootdbostonian & @bogospit have some exciting news! We will hold our
    second event with local Boston Designers, Brands, and Influencers this
    March 4th at 7:30pm. In this Exclusive Zoom event, we will feature 2
    local brands and influencers:

    1. Allison Daroie: founder of @paridaez
    Paridaez has been featured in Best of Boston by Boston Magazine’s,
    Winner Boston’s Best 2018 by The Improper, The Boston Globes, and many
    more. Paridaez focused on minimalist and classic pieces with premium
    qualities. Each item transforming into multiple looks. Most
    importantly, all of their items are produced in MA and New York.

    2. Lindsay Oliver Shores: founder of @parismeetboston
    Paris Meet Boston is a casual wear French-inspired fashion and
    lifestyle. The collections are a staple in our everyday wardrobes such
    as t-shirts, graphic tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, fitness,
    and swim. Paris Meet Boston also selling varieties of items such as
    mugs, wall art, home decor, accessories, and many more. It’s inspired
    by the City of Light who loves fashion, beauty, culture, art, travel,
    worldliness, and sophisticated living.

    3. Jaimie Tucker: Influencer, Fashion, and Beauty Expert @jaimie_tucker
    Jaimie has participated in many fashion shows before as a model. Her
    experiences lead her to becoming a fashion and beauty expert. She also
    regularly attends New York Fashion Week as an Influencer.

    4. Joelle Gergy: Boston Influencer @joellegergy
    Joelle is a fashion enthusiast. Her passion and motivation to share
    her daily outfit and daily routine on her social media platforms. As
    an influencer, she loves to give honest reviews of products and brands
    as well as share her knowledge of fashion/beauty with her audience.

    What are you waiting for, join us and get to know these local Boston
    brands and Influencers! Together we build a supportive community. Open
    for Public. RSVP on Eventbrite – EXCLUSIVE ZOOM MEET AND

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