OOTD Bostonian

OOTDBostonian and
Bogosplit have some
exciting news!

The founders of Bogosplit and OOTDBostionian are aware of the struggles that some small fashion brands and Boutiques have faced during this pandemic and have teamed up together to help local fashion businesses in the Boston area.

Bogosplit is a social marketplace...

curated solely for everything fashion. The Bogosplit platform is designed to help small fashion businesses grow by helping with promotion and offering free solutions to many problems faced by small business owners in the fashion industry. On the Bogosplit app, vendors are able to promote for free, interact with potential buyers, and sell.

By joining the Bogosplit site today...

as a vendor, you will receive one-one assistance with how to optimize the use of your vendor page and be a part of exclusive partnerships with local artists and influencers to help you grow your brand.

There's more!

All Boutiques and Brands that join the Bogosplit platform will receive exclusive access to promotion via The OOTDBostonian media channels and an exclusive youtube interview to help expand your reach. The OOTDBostonian team can also assist with hosting events and connecting you with Boston influencers.

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