Mini (graffiti print)

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Ebony Glass Designs was born out of a passion for wanting to make beautiful pieces that people would love to give, receive and gift themselves.
Each piece is designed and handcrafted by Ebony Glass in her studio in Massachusetts and showcases her love for art, color, texture and architecture.
One key detail of each piece is inspired by one of Ebony’s favorite memories with her two sons. When they were younger (and to this day), she would always carve a heart into their sandwiches so they would know it was made with love. One day they saw her making one for herself and asked why she didn’t do the same for hers. When she didn’t have an answer, they gave her one.
“You should make sure you know that yours was made with love too”.
So if you look closely, you’ll notice a heart located on each piece reminding you that it was made with love and to love yourself.